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Dick Vitale’s Mount Rushmores of College Basketball: Solid Gold Prime Time Performers From My Forty Years At ESPN | $29.99 | Dick Vitale with Dick Weiss, Research by Howie Schwab

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Through the Wilderness: A 40-Day Survival Guide to Walk the Trials in Your Life        Karrie Viscogliosi | Memoir







In God’s Hands- Broken Not Shattered; A Memoir of Hope | $14.99 | Mary Markham

In God's Hands Front Cover PROMO 12.17

Our Last Day in Heaven: A Story of Tragedy, Loss, and Hope with Angels in the Midst |$14.99 | Alex Hoffmann with Marla McKenna & Michael Nicloy

Ascending Namesake Mountain: Road Trips into a Wilderness | $16.95 | David A. McGuire

Go Solo! A Savvy Women’s Guide to Transformation & Self-Awareness Through Travel | $14.99 | Jennifer Buchholz with Amy Oaks






I Have Wi-Fi to God-All Five Bars Rockin’! | $14.99 | Rose Lauchart with Reji Laberje






The Big Uglies – Transitioning From the Glory Days to a Life of Glory | $14.99 |  Bob Brenner with Reji Laberje (featuring Chris McIntosh, Vince Papale, Bruce Pitcher, Dr. Holly Wyatt)






The Power of I Am…So I Can – How to Use Your Life Experiences to Drive Your Life’s Legacy | $19.99 | Iain Macfarlane with Reji Laberje






It’s Awesome, Baby! 75 Years of Memories and a Lifetime of Opinions on the Game I Love |$31.00 | Dick Vitale with Dick Weiss 

awesome baby front cover