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PRE-ORDER | “LiVE Your Brand” by Michael Armeli with Amy Oaks

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“Building Authentic Confidence in Children” | $14.99 | By: Dr. Spencer Taintor with RaeAnne Marie Scargall




“Building a Championship Culture – Using Lessons from the Game I Love to Win in Business and in Life” | $14.99 |By: Dave Strand with Reji Laberje




“Digging Deeper – Mining Your Potential” | $14.99 | By: Michael Young with Michael Nicloy

An Unapologetic Management Introspective by a Tireless Pragmatic Leader

TAGS: Business, Management, Historical, Perseverance, Supervisor Training, Mining Industry, Quarrying/Building Industry, and Blue-Collar Working Environment.

“Entrepreneurship That Makes Cents – Empowering Entrepreneurs to Live Life on Purpose” | $14.99 | By: Mike Raber




“Growing On Purpose – The Formula to Strengthen Your Team AND Improve Your Customer Experience” | $14.99 | By: Dave Molenda with Reji Laberje

Self-Awareness and Internal Leadership to Maximize Your Fulfillment and Contentment at Work and in Life

TAGS: Servant-Based Leadership, Business/Executive Coaching, DISC Assessment, Business Growth

“Regenerating Generations – An Adventure in Vital Living” | $14.99 | By: Evelyn Johnson & Alan Forsman with Reji Laberje




“The Confidence Quadrant – Develop an Attitude the Embraces Success and Failure” | $14.99 | By; Darren Fisher with Reji Laberje




“You Oughta Be In Business – The Practical Guide for the Self-Employed” | $14.99 | By: Michael Pilla