About us


  1. N11 is owned by Mike and Angela Nicloy. Angela manages all things marketing, operations, and acts as a human jungle gym to their 2 children, Liam (4) and Shayden (2). Mike handles the rest, including, but not limited to, publishing, design, distribution, baloney sandwiches, and snow removal.
  2. Mike, more often than not, goes by Nicloy (even Angela calls him that)…He also routinely responds to Nico, Ronin, and Daddy.
  3. In 2017, we assumed ownership of Reji Laberje Writing and Publishing. Prior to 2017, Mike was the Head of Publishing and Angela was the Director of Marketing alongside the founder, Reji Laberje. We would not have the vast catalog and awesome relationships we have today without Reji’s guidance. Reji’s new company is, Bucket List to Bookshelf, contact her at reji.laberje@gmail.com
  4. Angela has 12 plus years of marketing experience ranging from book marketing to non-profits to small business growth. Our current catalog includes nearly 10 Amazon Bestsellers and several Amazon Hot New Releases. Our authors become friends. We take great pride in these relationships and promote them whenever possible.
  5. Mike merged his creativity with his background in logistics and distribution, to take projects from concept to delivery, making N11 a full-service publishing company.
  6. Our network of writers, editors, and illustrators are trusted professionals in their fields. They take pride in their work and will cross-promote yours as well.
  7. We’re musicians (Mike’s a drummer & Angela’s a singer), we understand the importance of conveying your art and reaching your audience.
  8. We have a heart of service. In fact, we met serving at church…in the worship band, of course.
  9. Be Well Read…is a direct reflection of our mission:

    “To design and publish well-written, visually appealing books and creative elements, that strategically attract the target market and successfully achieve our author’s goals.”

  10. We are foodies and have strategically planned vacations to Maine for the best “lobsta roll” and California for the best fish taco.
  11. Why the 11? Well, there are three reasons (no, not 11 reasons):
    • Mike is a member of the “one-kidney club.” He received his new kidney November 2012…the 11th month of the year! Check out our story at: www.yougottabekidneyme.com
    • Mike and Angela were married on September 11th, 2011
    • The musician’s law requires knowledge of the movie “Spinal Tap”…