Nico 11 Publishing & Design is an independent publisher. We have an author-first mentality where we take you through the writing, publishing, and design process, answering all the “What Now” questions along the way.

Whether you’ve already written your book and need a publisher, or have a story and need a writer, or you need a professional designer to take your project to the finish line…BE WELL READ with N11.N11 color

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“The process of going from idea to book was difficult, but Mike and his team made it actually enjoyable.  I really had fun with the cover design for the first three books I co-authored.  I gave Mike a concept and he created a final product which was not only consistent with the concept, but incorporated my personality, my brand, and my inspiration…or hindrances (aka, my children), depending.  The coaching through marketing and promoting was also incredible.  I am now working on my fourth book with Mike and the process is moving smoothly.”

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Laura Grebe – “An Experimental Play on Words”

“Mike had great passion and played a vital role in our books. He had a fantastic work ethic and sense of pride. He was AWESOME BABY!

Dick Vitale – The Game I Love, The Lost Season, Dick Vitale’s Mt. Rushmores of College Basketball & It’s Awesome, Baby!