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Who Do You See…When You See…ME? |Debbie Truncale; Illustrated by Philip A. D’Amore | Children’s

WHO KNEW… | Angela Sprangers | Children’s
Bumbino The Italian Bumble Bee | Written and Illustrated by Art Manno | Children’s

Bumbino Loses His Best Friend | Art Manno | Children’s

Sophia Saves the Earth – The Story of Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day | Curt Casetta | Children’s

Howl the Owl books, by Brenda Cortez (Click on each cover for buying link)

Brenda Cortez My Mom is Having Surgery front

Howl Inspires Mr. YNOTT | Brenda Cortez with The YNOTT? Foundation | Childrens’

Howl Book3 Cover
Brenda Cortez Howl Helps Bella Front
Howl Gets a Heart Front Cover FIXED FOR PRINT with ISBN 10 2 17
Howl Helps others front cover

Penny’s Fruit & Veggie Trivia with Hidden Object Fun! | $14.99 | By Laralee Pearson | Spiral Bound

5.8 front cover for Amazon Seller

“Cooper’s Mighty Eye” | $9.99 | By: William & Sara Devlin | Illustrated by: Brandi Rebbe

It’s YOUR Chance to be a SUPERHERO! | $9.99 | By: Sara Devlin | Illustrated by: Brandi Rebbe


“Bella’s First Checkup” | $9.99 | By: Manette Kohler

“Found Lake” (young readers) | $9.99 | By: Brian Kludt with RaeAnne Marie Scargall

“Found Lake” (children) | $9.99 | By: Brian Kludt with RaeAnne Marie Scargall

“I’m a Secret Superhero” | $9.99 | By: Marla McKenna

“Mom’s Big Catch – Chicago Cubs Special Edition with Fergie Jenkins | $14.99 | By: Marla McKenna

“Sadie’s Big Steal” | $9.99 | By: Marla McKenna

“Oh, Emma!” | $9.99 | By: Melissa Jarecki

“Little Bean” | $9.99 | By: Reji Laberje